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Ten annoying habits that might hurt your friendships in college

Wondering why your friends are drifting away from you? Or you’re extremely bothered with their constant avoidance towards you but don’t know the cause? Well, there is something which might be bothering your friends! College is the factory that makes or breaks friendships! You will either get long-lasting friends or the biggest enemies of your life and there is nothing in between!

Everyone out there has bad habits, from arriving late to dinner or having a dictionary full of curse words. Some habits seemingly have minor consequences but are deeply ingrained within us that we don’t realise that we are doing it. If you think that you don’t have any bad habits, then think twice! Scroll down and browse through the list of annoying things that might be hurting your friends in college.

  1. Constantly using the phone while talking to someone in person

This is the most egregiously annoying habits that one could ever have! Looking at the phone while talking to someone shows your lack of interest for the person standing right in front of you. Even in the most boring and awkward conversation, the appeal of using a phone could do much damage than good!

  1. Irrelevant bragging

Sometimes we get so inspired by ourselves that we don’t stop bragging! It’s tempting to share success or personal achievement, but it sounds more like we are patting ourselves on the back. Yes, you purchased a new Porsche because the old Mercedes was too big to handle but nobody wants to hear that!

  1. Getting jealous of their grades

As the old guys say jealousy is bad, it can surely ruin relationships! When your friend comes to you announcing their outstanding achievements and you just nod your head instead of congratulating them, then you might have some serious jealousy issues! You can take "Write My Essay Online" for A graded assignments but at least don’t envy your friends!

  1. Talking about them behind their backs

First of all, talking behind your friend’s back is like playing Chinese whispers. One way or another, the exaggerated version of your rants will eventually reach their ears. Second of all, develop some guts within yourself and tell them directly if something is bothering you! This will save your friendship, believe us!

  1. Being clingy all the time!

We know you love your friends, but bugging them with constant texts and calls will only make things worse! You guys are close friends, but everyone needs space and room enough to breathe! Next time make sure not to hijack their personal space, or else your friendship will soon break apart!

  1. Not wearing a deodorant

Well! No offence but your friends might not like your body odour! It’s highly annoying sitting with a person who is stinking so bad, making it unbearably hard to breathe. If you still don’t apply deodorant, then it’s probably high time that you start using one, especially when you’re on a quest to find college friends.

  1. Singling along to a song that everyone is listening to

We all have days in which we think of ourselves as the ultimate singer who is about to win a Grammy! Everyone sings along to songs most of the time, but what makes things annoying is when the person starts a singing rampage as if they are performing at American Idol!

If you have managed to control the above-mentioned habits, and still didn’t get hold of your friends, then don’t stress yourself! Maybe the problem is not in you but them! Remember! If you ever feel that you are no longer important to someone, then step out of their life! You will get new opportunities to make friends and you may not have to try very hard to win their hearts.

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